Put an end to the ordeals related to gallbladder, liver, pancreas and other various gastrological and urological problems by visiting Chandra Laparoscopic and Multispeciality hospital in Gorakhpur. Today this hospital provides advanced gastrological and urological treatment in the region. This healthcare center with state-of-art infrastructure is known for solving various disorders and abnormalities related to kidney, ureter, bladder. They can conduct Laparoscopy, Urosurgery and Gastro Surgery for the affected part. The team of specialists can detect and prevent any pre-cancerous and cancerous progressions in the reproductive system. Once detected they carry out standard procedure and operation to cure the patient of the same.
Chandra Laparoscopic and Multispeciality hospital being prominent health care center are known for providing:
  • Gastrological treatments
  • Urological treatments
  • Laparoscopy
  • Endoscopy
  • Treatment of a hernia and more.
The hospital is the boon for those looking for cost-effective and risk-free treatment in Gorakhpur. Utmost attention and care are given to the patient to reduce the level of risk and other complications.

Meet Our Team

Chandra Laparoscopy and Multispeciality Hospital provide a Team of Qualified and Experienced doctors for your health betterment, We are fully dedicated to providing comprehensive health care, Promotive, curative and rehabilitative healthcare service in particular and drawn from the urban/semi-urban and rural areas of Gorakhpur.
Our doctors 24*7 available to provide outpatient, inpatient and round the clock maternity and emergency care services of all basic and supportive general specialties. These services will be provided at a subsidized rate for the deserving and affluent clientele will be charged normal rates.

At Chandra Hospital you will find diagnostic services/ facilities in clinical pathology, including blood blank, clinical biochemistry, microbiology, and radiology, including ultrasound and CT Scan.
 Our Team
Chandra Hospital Specialities

A Family Hospitals for Your Family

Our Other Specialities
  • 24*7 Emergency Service
  • Complete General Treatment
  • Intestine Related all Endoscopic Test
  • Non-Surgical Sterilization NDVH, LAVH
  • Ear Nose Throat Specialist (ENT)
  • Eye Diseases Specialist (Ophthalmology)
  • Mental Diseases Specialist
  • Physiotherapy
  • Child Diseases Expert
  • General Physician
  • Orthopedics

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